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When we tour historic spaces, we are often told to pay attention to the things we can see or read. Often the everyday sounds of history are less emphasized or overlooked. The Soundwalk in the Hill District aims to offer visitors with a deeper understanding of Pittsburgh’s past, illustrating how all sounds in our environment can reflect social values, community customs, and structures of power at a given point in time.


The Soundwalk in the Hill District was created by a team of students from Duquesne University led by Assistant Professor of Music Nicole Vilkner, in partnership with community experts. Installed in Frankie Mae Pace Park (Pittsburgh, PA), the Soundwalk features fifteen exhibits that can be experienced with walking shoes and a smart device. Alternatively, you can browse all exhibits here.

This award-winning project was made possible through funding from Duquesne University's Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research and the Mary Pappert School of Music. Soundwalk in the Hill District and Soundwalk at the Frick were awarded the John G. Rangos, Sr. Prize in 2023 and again in 2024.

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